issue of 3G

Meet admissions officers Prawich the Ombudsman said, not wanting to look at the matter that would cause delays. Although there is consensus that the public should have 3G or 3G, but the resulting system must take into account the legitimate interests of the nation and its people. The decision of the Ombudsman. The court ruled unanimously resolved to submit to arbitration is a legal process. When the petitioner filed a petition to the Inspector states. I have to check on that petition. Is the use of state power in the government and within the authority of the inspectors. Whether the results would be. It is up to the discretion of the court. The Parties agree to clear and the norm in the next.

Lt. Mike P.a.dr. Economics Suwan Mali NBTC vice president. And the big smoke. Said. Believe it is predicted that by the Ombudsman. Brought to court. But the point I want to make several. ฯp.s. Frequency Allocation Act is a new law in 2553. The application. Legislation also empowers Ktc. Clearly therefore it is the duty of the court decision. If the court had suspension. And follow it.

Assembly Ombudsman agreed together to offer an opinion. With the spectrum auctions for the court to consider the possibilities. Ruled that the action is free and fair competition in the state. Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand BE 2550 measures 47 แlap.r.b. frequency allocation. And directed the radio business. Radio Television and Telecommunications Act 2553 and Section 41, paragraph 1, of measures 45 and paragraph 7, or by mail to the court. And requested an emergency hearing and asked the court to order interim measures of protection. With a suspended license. 3G before it with.

In case the issue of 3G licenses to three companies are in the process of monitoring the behavior of the joint auction bidding. Expected to be extended again. 15 days from the bidders are not expected recriminations as the court, but if Ktc. Orders not to permit the operator has the right to sue.
The DTAC permission. NBTC. 4G technology laboratory within 90 days of the due date of Nov. 9 in the area around the Tower Square. And Siam Square. The 1800 mega hertz spectrum results showed that Maximum download speed is 150 megabits per second. And upload up to 50 megabits per second, or about five times faster than 3G dtac has the most advanced equipment in the country. Upgrade to network from 3G to 4G nationwide within 15 minutes, just change the card in a 4G signal.

“I consider the best functions. The result turns out to be how it’s cooked to order. Not discourage that. The subjects made a national mission. Resignation is not an issue. But the escape was “P.a.dr. Economics, said Lt. Mike.

The same day, Deputy Chief Executive Officer Dr. Darm Aromatherapy property. The Total Access Communication Action Set and Communication Co., Ltd. (Thailand) or DTAC interview after the demonstration trial technology 4G LTE that DTAC has insisted all along that the auction of 3G. price competition is the fact that no auction Hua. And DTAC will have to say this because it is true.

A reporter asked if the NBTC. 3G license can not be issued within 90 days as required by dtac how Dr. Darm said they hope to have the 3G licenses within 90 days. If you do not follow what they have not considered. Also look at everything in terms of that. Will be required.