Thailand IT labor progress

ML Punrik Somiti Deputy Director of the Department of Labor said that the success of the project. “IT workers with Thailand leaps” that began in the years since 2552, a period that Thailand faced economic problems. Unemployed workers are more likely to be Thailand. The idea is to raise the share of IT workers in Thailand. Be able to return to work or be employed effectively. More efficient.

With the help of Microsoft technology training. The Kenan Institute’s. Transfer of skills training in entrepreneurship.

Three years to train workers, and it is estimated that 35,000 people have been trained in the various workshops and self-study through the project site. And can lead to further job creation and income to about 2,800 workers.

You Suparat Judy Garland during a project from Microsoft. That this project is the implementation of IT skills to enhance Thailand’s competitiveness on labor liberalization of the ASEAN Community, which three years ago laid the foundation for IT. Thailand’s labor force will be interested to learn more on the IT 4th year, this is a sustainable level of skill and support to the force. Work independently in the future.

The highlight of the project. “Labour, Thailand advanced technology” in the fourth year curriculum is developed to meet the needs of the modern workforce. Abide by the results of the work.

Course content, such as Microsoft Word 2010, the program will provide training to prepare publicity brochures. The following list is a mail merge. To be able to create documents, reports and documentation.

Course Microsoft Excel 2010 makes it possible to manipulate the database. To find the summary information. Create a chart or report design course Microsoft. Power Point 2010 and trained to be able to format and customize a professional wedding present. And program management, and information through the Internet cloud. For fast communication.

Each course takes about 18 hours for the course and management of information services via the Internet. It takes about 12 hours on the course who had been training to be certified by the Department. Skill Development. Ministry of Labour and Microsoft (Thailand) Limited.

In addition to enhancing the skill standards to be able to compete with. Counterparts in other countries in the ASEAN Microsoft (Thailand) Limited and Kenan Institute Asia. Have become part of the standard National Labor Committee. It is a standard test of skill. Professional staff, the use of computers. By working with the Bureau of Labor Standards and Testing. In the preparation of this new test. The training course will prepare you to those who need it. Skill testing standards.

Expected that this will be the 4th year of training, the establishment of a skilled workforce of 300 people and another 2,500 people across the country.

Deputy Director General of the Department of Labor said the labor group to be terminated. Employees in the workplace. Or the general public. Can participate in the project. Without any cost.

You can learn on your own with a new courses include basic computer courses. And of course I was the boss of IT. Through the site. www.thebetter-.