Learning with technology

There are many occurrence MOOC. Each module is built with quality and support. Personnel and university leading examples MOOC early as MIT Open Course Ware, the introduction of video lectures and media education course offered in MIT (at the top of the U.S.) to open them. General to study independently. There are also many MOOC interest include Khan Academy (www.khanacademy.org) founded by Salman Khan, who taught in high school I Udacity (www.udacity.com) co-founded by a former professor of the University of Stanford. Richard Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig, two of which are open to the teaching of computer science Coursera (www.coursera.org) co-founded by Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller of Stanford University and finally edX (www.edx. org), which was co-founded by MIT and Harvard University by Anant Agarwal is a trustee.
In recent years, this phenomenon can be seen as one of the people in academic circles believed to have Relatively large impact on education ever. Phenomenon is the emergence of online classroom called Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) MOOC is a lot of classes online through the Internet. I mean, who wants to attend. The students will use the Internet connection to view the video lectures and tutorials or to chat with other students in the name of The MOOC Massively was on the manner in which participants learned a lot in each department. This means that in principle up to tens of thousands of people. The concept is not new MOOC, for example, distance education, University of Manchester Thammathirat that it was called a MOOC as well but may not have an “online” as MOOC.

MOOC as the investors attention as MOOC various above have all been invested by venture capital are lots of examples like Coursera that investment base of over 600 million Udacity’s capital base. More than 450 million in the current MOOC these courses are open without charge. Those interested can enroll and attend classes on the fly due to the MOOC has been a lot of venture capital investment, it may be because MOOC is seen as the answer to the future is possible.

What MOOC different from traditional distance education is to focus on the use of modern technology to MOOC. In particular, the use of the internet and computer systems to assist in teaching, for example, Khan Academy is using video technology for teaching with exercises through various web exercises, they will have been automated by computer. soon The learning outcomes than students in the sitting room and. I will be home by the time of the inspection.

We know that the traditional classroom lecture that often. Results are not as good as the face between the student and the instructor. The main reasons are taught in a lecture in a classroom is not enough time to understand the learning individual or introduce students to the understanding of individual MOOC modern these efforts to create a learning experience. The only person who knows. As more and more goals. Using technology to help analyze data. As can be seen from the name of the founder of MOOC mentioned above, almost all of whom are professors or researchers on the study. All computer science.
In addition, the use of computer systems to help the teacher to collect data. Students learn easier. For example, to measure how students view the video, any time is good. Or take the problem any more. To each student know whether or not I have any aptitude for analyzing Coursera or exercises that students do not have a lot to find out. Students understand the content. And allows the system to provide the students with the wrong answer as soon as the content. I had to understand what it is.