Sony notebook

Sony has built in anti-theft technology as well as Intel Trusted Platform Module for security.
Connections and expansion

Duo 11 port boasts a pair of USB 3.0, which can charge the battery-powered smart devices in the laptop. In the sleep mode. The handset also has two ports, video output, connectors, VGA aging (useful for projectors) and HDMI port out of the house to the left of the card reader, flash memory, which can handle both SD cards (all forms) and Memory Stick for Sony. isolated headphone jack for analog leases only.

Duo 11 weighs in at £ 2, 13 oz, cool light for the Ultrabook has a 11.6-inch screen with 1920-1080-pixel IPS panel touch screen that provides excellent image quality and color fidelity. Sony has also created a full touch screen digitizer Wacom stylus and supports 256 levels of pressure sensitivity. Artists will appreciate the digitizer, but Sony did not think to include the stylus stored in the body, so you have to keep track of it as you travel.

Duo 11 found the Intel Ultrabook spec: it’s light, it boots quickly drive solid state 128GB, and it measures just 0.71 inches thick and consists of an Intel Core i5-3317U and our unit has 8GB RAM system. (standard amount of memory for a total of 6GB) since it contains the on-board graphics hardware Ultrabook Intel HD 4000 GPU built into the processor Ivy Bridge low voltage.

Posted Duo 11 PCMark score of 2500 on the production of a minimum of Lenovo ThinkPad X1 4028, we see that carbon has high-end CPU i7-3667U Core, it’s no surprise that Sony is soon. But the difference seems somewhat larger than might otherwise be the case. Overall performance seems sluggish, especially for the Tat system installed SSD.

Sony rates the battery at less than 5 Duo 11 Hour Sleep mode seems to work, especially when using very little power compared to other units I’ve used Core i5.
Properties and applications.

At first I thought the keyboard looked like fragile tips. But after using the machine and slide the hinge feels solid. You can not completely separate the tablet from the keyboard, you can have other Windows 8 devices, hybrid, this flexibility is limited, but at least you will not have to overcome to be connected on the line. As we have seen with the V-Tablet with a removable panel fully.
Since Core CPU i5 Duo 11 is decidedly middle of the road is not as effective in front of the bus? PCWorld continue to develop WorldBench set of 8 standard, which is designed to test the performance of Windows 8 – PC However, as part of WorldBench 8 includes Futuremark PCMark 7, which we also use in WorldBench 7, I was able to gather information. performance, little aware that we have the boot as well. However, the performance of the game is still in development.
The keyboard also offers the facility to take the time to go down. The distance between the keyboard and the keys are confined to the carving shape. Despite the touch typist since high school, I often find myself making mistakes typing on the keyboard. Sony does not include a backlight for the keyboard though.

Duo 11 also includes a pointing device strangest I’ve ever seen. At first blush it looks like a miniature joystick TrackPoint pointer to the nub, but not the surface itself is so slight movement of your finger to move the cursor. It works surprisingly well. It takes a little getting used to. It’s more than multitouch pointing device attached to the core.
Using fingers to interact with the Windows desktop is a little problematic, partly because of the 1080p resolution on-screen display of 11.6 inches, as we noted in the example of the W700′s Acer, the density of pixels high. display small gestures make precise touch. Problem on the desktop. These problems are not in the tile-based Start screen, Windows 8, one thing I noticed is that the display sometimes becomes “stuck” in portrait mode after waking up from sleep; This is true even when the initial state of the display to landscape mode when it’s asleep. I have to reboot to fix the problem.
The tablet, Duo 11 seems to respond very quickly, especially in screen Windows 8 from the desktop, especially browsers or office applications level seems to run without. performance issues with key digitizer Wacom works with desktop graphics editor ArtRage professional digitizer pen also can be useful in applications such as Photoshop or Illustrator, although the overall performance of these applications, it may be a little sluggish.

Duo 11 with the release of Sony’s Bravia engine and the video playback is quite smooth. However, we see some of the points in some WMV-HD content, high resolution MPEG-2 is not because Microsoft does not include a license to MPEG-2 with Windows 8 and Sony did not install the player that can handle a MPEG